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As internists we have three years of additional training after obtaining our medical degree. We assume the role of primary care provider for a wide spectrum of health care needs. This includes respiratory illnesses like flu, asthma, emphysema, coped, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease etc.

We are geared towards taking care of a variety of medical problems in an office setting without the frequent need for a specialist consultation which is the recommended goal of most of the health care insurances i.e. we act as gatekeeper for all your health care needs and provide appropriate specialist consultation if necessary.

We offer comprehensive physical examination appropriate for the age groups from adolescents and above. We perform lab work, ekg, pulmonary function testing and x-ray in our office.

East Metro Internal Medicine


We provide comprehensive cancer care including chemotherapy in our office.


We provide comprehensive care in wide variety of blood disorders including lymphomas bleeding disorders and provide genetic counseling.


The fastest growing population is the geriatric patients above the age of 65 years fueled by the baby boomers. Most live independently and would like to stay active and participate in communities and family affairs. This requires special needs and compassionate care and looking into their multiple medication profile which is the most commonly overlooked problem by most health care professionals. We provide counseling for terminal illness, dementia, and family support and make the quality of life as our main goal for the elderly. We also go to several nursing homes in Conyers (Rockdale Health Care) and Covington (Riverside nursing home, Covington Manor)

Women’s wellness:

In the 21st century women play a vital role both at home and in the work field? We provide annual Pap smear and counsel on preventive services like mammogram, bone density testing for osteoporosis. We counsel for contraception, hormone replacement therapy, nutritional needs, dietary counseling for obesity and physical activities.

Our female physician and staff identify special needs in women’s life cycle and are better prepared to provide compassionate and comprehensive care for all age groups from adolescents onwards.